Just like the earth-friendly activewear—a go-to garment for those who can’t help but break a sweat to maintain a good physique and stamina—you can’t miss out on a pair of sustainable pajamas (or loungewear).

The sustainable loungewear our team has vetted on this page has been ethically made by the big-name brands at their factories with an intention to diminish the impact of carbon footprint our planet is already suffering from.

While some people prefer living in skivvies or lingerie, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

That’s why to give your body relaxation and rest after it needs, especially after coming from the office or gym, pajamas are the best option you could consider.

In fact, the demand for these comfy pajamas has increased recently because of the work-from-home scenario.

Why Should You Wear Sustainable Pajamas?

Why on earth should one invest in pajamas when there are other options available? What impact does the choice I make, makes a difference when it comes to choosing eco-friendly pajamas?

Succinctly, the world is dying—and, fast fashion is to be held accountable.

Carbon emission is increasing day by day, people while working at the factories are not treated the way they’re meant to i.e. with values and respect. Their body parts are exposed to chemicals while working, and most significantly, they’re not paid the wages on time.

If you truly care about nature and the people, you must be taking sustainability seriously.

Who doesn’t remember the disastrous factory collapse, a tragedy that took place on April 24th, 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh? It killed around 1134 people more than 2,500 people were injured.

But, all of this could have been avoided if the company wasn’t using fast-fashion practices to produce garments.

So, you see that working conditions are worst and someone needs to do something about it. However, the real question is: can you play some part in making our mother earth as green as possible? If affirmative, do you have to put in the extra effort?

Well, there’s not much you need to do except using your intelligence while making the final decision. Yes, we’re talking about opting the earth-friendly products over eco-unfriendly ones.

List of The Most Ethical & Sustainable Pajamas

To provide you with the best-in-the-market sustainably made pajamas from well-known brands, we’ve sieved through every tiny detail—the material used in the pajamas or loungewear, the source (where it’s taken from), ethical practices, and contributions made.

Most importantly, we have also given these pajamas once-over with regard to feel and look so you don’t have to compromise on fits and comfort. That’s because some people only wear these pajamas while going to bed while others don’t just want to take them off because of buttery soft construction, thanks to the organic materials.

Anyway, let’s jump right into it and help you make up your mind for the pajamas so you could give your body compliments it needs with comfort and styling.


Pact has already received respect from us in workout clothes for the fact they’ve got a large collection of unisex apparel. From sweaters, thighs, skirts, hoodies, pants, to other essential to feel cozy at home, you can get your hands on everything, even the face masks to survive this hard time.

Pact has been appreciated by the top magazines, blogs, namely Forbes, HuffPost, Bustle, USA Today, and others for its eco-friendly practices and mile-high standards.

Being a Fair Trade-certified brand, there’s no way you can find any hazardous chemical in the product they’re selling on the website.

The first impression on their pajamas made us make a pact with them, unofficially.

PACT’s Approach to Sustainability & Ethics

Let’s shed light on the practices embraced by Pact to help people live a sustainable life via their products.


Pact uses 100% organic cotton to make those beautiful, comfy, and eco-friendly pajamas to make you feel and look good while lying on the bed or throughout the day. The cotton used in the apparel is GOTS certified and has been sourced using practices that have a low impact on the environment.

If you make up your mind for pajamas made by a Fair Trade-certified brand, you’re also becoming a helping hand to support cotton farmers and help fight poverty. What’s more, their practices include very low consumption of water or no water at all. So, there’s little to no water pollution.


If you head over to the “Stats” segment on ‘About Organic Cotton’ and look at the list of top 10 Organic Fair Trade (OFT) brands, you’ll find Pact at 5th position which, actually, is not bad compared to other unsustainable brands.

First off, Pact doesn’t use any toxic chemical in the end-to-end process of producing pajamas or other cozy apparel. Since most of the garments are produced using 100% organic cotton, that means they use 91% less water as compared to non-organic cotton.

Ethical Practices:

Pact is not limited to saving nature using organic material—there’s more to it meets the eye. Put differently, every single product, include those soft, cozy jammies, is made ethically i.e. with people in mind. At their ethical manufacturing works, each employee is treated equally and provided with legally required wages, right on time. The workers work in a safer workplace and get the satisfaction they seek. Pact believes in the wellbeing of people, gender equality, and social capital.


Pact has also been donating to support various initiatives towards keeping our environment clean and green. Pact added an option for customers on their website to add an extra $1 as a donation. With the customer’s help, Pact was able to donate around $10,000 i.e. $9,481, to be precise to help keep rural areas in India clean and green.

What we also loved about Pact is that you can shop for the whole family, including kids, babies, maternity — they’re NOT limited to the apparel of men and women.

They’re also running a “Give-back Box” program where you have the opportunity to donate your old stuff.

Best Pick from Pact!

Wrap Front Jumpsuit
Wrap Front Jumpsuit

Why this Jumpsuit?

Although name jumpsuit, this has been designed for the lounge. It’s so comfy that once you wear it, you would not want to take it off. It’s been made with organic cotton and 23.7 Gallons of water has been saved while making this jumpsuit. People who loved it have rated it good–it gets a 4.8 rating out of 5, and it’s available in 5 different sizes so you could fit you snugly.

Shop Pact!


Named after the founder Brook DeLorme, the Brook There is another brand that has acquired 2nd position on this list.

Brook is a fashion designer and she is widely known for her unique concepts, form, and execution. In an interview with Good Trade, she said that choosing sustainable and organic has always been a part of her life.

Is she alone who did it first in the family? Where did she get the inspiration from this?

Well, having dug up deeper, we found out that her parents also had organic farms and that’s how she got the inspiration to do something bigger by making a positive impact. She believed that making environmentally sustainable garments was a perfect choice for her.

That’s how Brook There came into existence.

BT’s Beliefs about Sustainability & Ethics

Brook There started with an aim to design clothes that people could feel confident and comfortable in. You could easily find cozy wear of all sizes, including XS, S, M, L, and XL.

What also sets BT apart from other sustainable clothing brands is a clear and concise layout on the website—they’ve done it way better than others. You can effortlessly filter the loungewear and go with the one that you feel will look good on.


Every single pajama made at the ethical factories of BT uses pure organic cotton that is made from the GOTS-certified yarn. It’s no news that conventional cotton is a red flag for nature and, therefore, for the earth and the people living on it.

You may also see some loungewear slips that use some portion of spandex (around 5 to 6%) so it doesn’t affect the movement and you could have complete freedom when it comes to moving your body. Although there are no pajamas offered by BT, you’ll fall in love with their slips available in different styles.


What are the moral principles followed by Book There?

Well, after being harvested, the fabric gets sent to their ethical factory based in Massachusetts. The reason why they’ve kept the factory close to the home — BT — is that they want to know every person who sews the garment by name.

There’s no third-party factory they’re affiliated with because others may not follow the same ethical guidelines as they do. With that in mind, they’ve kept the product in the U.S. — there’s no need to have the product shipped from abroad.


High Desert Jersey Slip
High Desert Jersey Slip

Why this Slip?

Although it’s not a pajama, it will allow you to slip into something that is way more comfy. Made with 94% cotton and 6% spandex, it’s a perfect combination of fabrics you should lookout when choosing the best sustainable loungewear. Available in XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL, you could pick any size based on your body structure.

Shop BT!


Amour Vert—who they call themselves “Green Love”—is one of those slow-fashion and zero-waste brands that have been making progress by making good, cozy, durable sustainable pajamas thoughtfully i.e. with sustainability in mind. Amour Vert is a go-to place for all those people who wish to get those beautiful vibes in the buttery-soft pajamas.

They’ve got a variety of tees, tanks, jackets, sweaters, pants, loungewear, and other accessories, such as face masks, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. All nightclothes have been designed with your comfort in mind. They are so light that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them while falling asleep. Anyway, let’s jump to the practices implemented by AV underneath.

AM’s philosophy of Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

There’s something about Amour Vert (AV) that makes it stand out from the crowd. Oh, yes—it is the “Buy a tee, we plant a tree” initiative where they plant a tree for every single tee purchase by awesome people like you.


Since the first day, they’ve planted around 330k trees330,654, to be exact (at the time of writing this article). They’ve done this in North America, thanks to American Forest® for making this possible. It’s not just one place in NA where they’ve planted trees, they’ve done this at 21 different locations to support sustainability.

So, you could clearly see how serious they are about nature and keeping it protected from all the harm that exists. The total number of trees planted means 1, 37,773 CO2 withdrew, 12 billion gallons of water has been restocked, and 1565 acres of land has been reforested. Since 97% of their produces are made at their ethical plants near to their San Francisco office. That means there’s will be less transportation which will help reduce carbon emissions.


Let’s admit it—fabric plays a significant role in the apparel you wear. That’s because you don’t want to feel that itchiness while wearing your pajamas or any other loungewear, do you?

Having sifted through the ins and outs of the harvesting and fabrication, we got our head around that fact that AV uses TENCEL Modal, Ethical wool, and Mulberry Silk, and that’s the reason why you people float on cloud seven while lying on the bed or sipping from a cup of coffee or tea.

Research says that almost 60% of garments’ environmental impact takes place at the fabrication level, and if the slow-fashion companies don’t take this seriously during the manufacturing period, consequences are going to be worse than you could imagine. The silk used in the manufacturing is OEKO-TEX®, which states that there’s no toxic material in the loungewear you’ll be wearing whatsoever.

Into the bargain, not just that, they make good use of certified organic cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell, and Cupro (also known as Cuprammonium Rayon and Cupra and is having similar properties to Cotton and used to create sheer and lightweight fabric).

So, yes…you can count on AV’s philosophy as far as getting hands-on most sustainable, biodegradable, and non-toxic material based pajamas are taken into account to kickstart your day.

Ethics & Plants:

AV believes in quality over quantity and that’s why they’re keeping in line with all the highest standards required to produce top-notch and eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

Putting an end to access waste is really important and that’s what they’re committed to. To reduce the carbon footprint to a higher degree, 97% of their products are made in California.

They’ve chosen to do that because their office is located a few miles away in San Francisco and this, therefore, will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions. Looking at the ethical practices, it turned out that each employee or worker is treated equally, irrespective of their color, gender, religion, race at their ethical factories.

There are a total of 6 places of work and 5 of them are based in San Francisco, whereas, one is situated in Oakland—the factory that is run by Daniel. Amour Vert believes in the “Less is More” philosophy because this is one of the ways that work when it comes to main sustainability and peace in this world. That’s why none of the factories exceeds more than 20 employees.

Coverage & Care:

In addition to having a huge collection of loungewear, you have the complete freedom to choose the perfect-fit pajamas using the available sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL. Choose the color that you think will complete your body or the color you love the most, be it Red, Black, Blue, White, or Gray.

To appreciate the customers for investing in the products, AV also decided to celebrate them. After receiving hundreds of applications, only 7 women were selected for this celebration and honored on their website in the ethical brand giveaway.

Top Pick from Amour Vert!

Coco Lounge Pants
Coco Lounge Pants

Why these Lounge Pants?

These are not your typical pants, these are the ones made with your comfort in mind. These wide-leg lounge pants will give you the freedom that you won’t experience in other loungewear. Plus, they are sustainably made–use 68% Modal, 27% Organic Cotton, and 5% Spandex, and you could rock it with any sustainable tee that you’re already having (or browse the tops section to get your hands on one). These pants have been made using Beechwood fabric in the USA.

Shop Amour Vert!


Founded by Peter and Andy, Made Trade (MT) was launched in 2018 with an aim to offer people the most sustainable, ethical, expertly crafted, and beautifully designed clothing—all without having to sacrifice the quality, environmental consciousness for the fashion.

The sustainably made pajamas made by this MT just going to glow your mind—hands down.

Andy’s work has received honorable attention. He has also worked with renowned companies like Google, Apple, Levi’s, Nike, Uber, etc.

MT’s Attitude towards Sustainability & Ethics

Made Trades puts nature and people first and then the goods produced at their ethical factories.

Anyway, let’s figure out what type of material they use and whether or not it is sustainable.


Let’s talk about the materials first.

In every product, MT uses earth-friendly materials or organic raw materials so as to sustain the nature we live in as long as possible. Around 95% Eucalyptus Lyocell along with 5% Elastane is present in these jogger pants. They’ve used elastane a little bit so you could have the freedom to move around while wearing loungewear.

Furthermore, the fabric they’ve used is OEKO-TEX certified and most importantly, there’s no animal glue used whatsoever. They don’t ever use polyurethane, instead, to fulfill the needs of leather, they choose to go with Piñatext or mushroom leather.

The plastic is only used if it’s the recycled one. So, there’s no way MT is tricking you into doing something that goes against nature. And, why do you worry when there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, you read it right—with every product you purchase from them, you’ll get a 15-day hassle-free return. However, we suggest you be aware of the returns and exchange policies based on the product you’re shopping for.


Being a member of 1% for the planet, they never embrace any practice that is harmful to the environment and the people working at their eco-friendly factories. Their goods are fair trade, sustainable, and vegan that will give you next-level vibes and you’ll feel like the happiest person on earth while wearing MT’s sustainable pajamas.

From sourcing, harvesting to recycling, everything is done responsibly, and there’s transparency—nothing is hidden from the end customer. Anyone who’s interested in buying pajamas from them can get to know everything about the materials used in the loungewear, the people who made them, and the positive impact.


What about the employees working at factories?

Are they treated equally— i.e. with no discrimination?

Knowing that Made Trade is keeping their workers happy and satisfied by giving wages on time and appreciating their beliefs and values is very important.

To make this world a better place for you, Made Trade sticks to these core values.

All of the employees work in safe working conditions without having to expose their body parts to any kind of chemical in the process. On top of paying them the highly competitive wages on time, Made Trade also provides them with a living wage.

To make sure that everyone gets the appreciation and value that they deserve, there are even products owned by People of Color (POC) where 51% or more black, indigenous, or POC own the company that makes the products.

This is a great start to support everyone equality is hard to come by. Still, sustainable brands are making a positive impact in this regard and MT is one of them.


If you’re interested in shopping for a pair of sustainable pajamas on MT and it’s priced over $75, then you’re in luck—you won’t have to pay for shipping i.e. MT offers free U.S. shipping on orders above 75 dollars.

1% of the revenue earned by the company goes to grassroots organizations. What’s more, all shipping is 100% carbon offset.

Our Best Pick from MT!

Eucalyptus Jogger Pants
Eucalyptus Jogger Pants

Why these Pants?

If you’re in need of pajamas that complement your body, look no further — these jogger pants are the best option for you. Also, not only can you wear them at home but also you could go out wearing these pants and nail the style. These pants have been sustainably made using 95% Eucalyptus Lyocell and 5% Elastane. The fabric used is OEKO-TEX, so there’s nothing you need to worry about.

Shop Made Trade!


Looking for ways to get started with a slumber party?

Well, it’s about time you dived in an endless collection of pajamas and loungewear to turn your night into a pajama party, and we’re grateful to Coyuchi for making it possible.

Before you invite your friends over, make certain that you’ve got some cozy, lightweight pajamas so you could feel the vibes and make good memories together.

And, guess what!—Coyuchi is your dream come true in that area.

Coyuchi’s Beliefs about living Greener & Healthier

So, how does Coyuchi make a positive impact?

Let’s latch on to what materials are used to make these sustainable pajamas that you’re dying to get your hands on.


Although some sustainable pajama brands prefer to rely on OEKO-TEX® to GOTS-certified cotton, Coyuchi decided to go with the latter one—GOTS-certified cotton and they’ve also written an article about that, too (here).

They believe that GOTS is the highest standard in the world and that’s why they could not help but go along with it, and it’s organic as they rely on more than 95% organic content.

The next fabric we have is Linen which is 100% organic and it’s sustainable, as well. That’s because the tree which it’s made from (i.e. flax) is a characteristically eco-conscious plant. What’s more, there’s little to no irrigation required for it to grow.


Coyuchi isn’t limited to making the most out of organic fabrics, they’re Fair Trade certified, as well, meaning they provide salaries to the workers right on the dot—it could be a little earlier but never late. Besides, a little amount for Fair Trade-certified items is provided to them which gets credited into the accounts of the farmers and the workers, and they spend it however they would like.

Every worker, irrespective of religion, race, sex, or identity, is treated the same way they are meant to. Women—same as men—receive equal pay and representation when it comes to management and decision making. This also helps put an end to sexual harassment and discrimination that may arise in the workplace.


Apart from producing eco-friendly, biodegradable, and ethical pajamas (among other clothing), they also reach out to or engage people in their stories. On their blog, they regularly publish behind the scenes so as to keep everything transparent to the public or the customers who have been buying sustainable accessories and clothes.

Coyuchi is a perfect example of regenerative agriculture.

They don’t keep anyone in dark—everything is as clear as the water you drink every day.


How many colors can you choose your favorite pajamas in?

Having taken a look at the color availability, we found out that it depends on a specific product, however, you’d easily get a minimum of 2 colors and max. 4. Speaking of the size, you could go with any size that you prefer: extra small, small, medium, large, or extra-large.

Experts’ Pick!

Organic Flannel Pajama Pants
Organic Flannel Pajama Pants

Why these Pants?

If you’re planning to throw a slumber party for your friends, these pajama pants will make your day and night. You could choose from small, medium, and large. The reason why there are only three sizes is that these pants will fit you comfortably. Speaking of the materials, these are made using 100% organic cotton, and they’ve got GOTS certification, too.

Shop Coyuchi!


This isn’t the first time we’ve come across an environmentally-friendly brand—Wolven, you might have read about it in another article about sustainable activewear where it acquired the 4th position on the list.

They’ve got a large stock of sustainably sexy joggers, tops, bottoms, tees, tanks, and so on. As far as the loungewear or pajamas matter, you could easily get your hands on a variety of pajamas that are made with eco-friendliness in mind.

Unlike pajamas from other brands, there’s something about Wolven’s pajamas.

Yes, these joggers are so stylish that you could wear them while you’re home or when going out with your friends to your favorite places.

Wolven’s Plan of attack for Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

How does Wolven deal with the issue that exists in the fashion industry and yet provide you with top-notch, long-last, sustainable staples for your wardrobe?

Let’s understand how:


Wolven is geared towards making sustainable sexy loungewear, activewear, and others that may contain leggings, bell bottoms, joggers, shorts, and other wear. However, while making these breathtaking apparel, Wolven keeps nature, people, and the environment in mind.

Being a proud member of 1% for the planet, you could rest assured that everything is practiced at their ethical factories is in line with the standards that support green.

We already know how shattering the carbon footprint is for our environment or nature, and if we don’t do something about it, the day is not far when we won’t even have fresh air to breathe.

To address this issue, Wolven has partnered with Climate Neutral. The credits are used for a good reason—to support rainforest conservation and in other projects like capturing the Landfill Gas (LFG).

Plus, with the help of GRS a.k.a. Global Recycled Standard, it becomes super easy for you to track recycled contents used in the product.


Now, the material is where most so-called sustainable brands lie, but we’re glad to let you know that Wolven is not one of them.

To make sure that you not only look good in those gorgeous pajamas but also feel good while wearing them. To achieve this, Wolven relies upon OEKO-Tex certified materials. Yes, we’re talking about recycled plastic bottles (P.E.T). This allows the pajamas to last longer, be extremely soft, and breathable so you could wear them for hours without having to put a strain on your waist, legs, or thighs.

Research shows that by using recycled-PET, we can reduce the carbon footprint up to 79% which turned out to be higher than its vis-à-vis materials. If you’re curious to know the step-by-step process Wolven uses to create sustainable clothing for you, then there you go:

How do they do it?

In the first step, they source the plastic bottles (ones that are BPA-free). Once achieved, what they do in the next stage is turn plastic into non-toxic pellets and later they are spun into yarn. That yarn is then made use of to be woven into the fabric at their ethical factories, and finally, your loungewear is ready to be worn.


As we’re already discussed that Wolven is an active member of 1% FTP, it follows all the guidelines of Climate Neutral, Workspace Conditions Assessment (WCA)—to offer all workers timely wages, health, and safety. All of the employees work in a safe working environment without exposing their body parts to the chemicals.

All of the products including the pajamas you’re on the lookout for are ethically made in Los Angeles (LA).

Top Choice!

Kona Jogger
Kona Jogger

Why this Pyjama?

It’s no wonder Wolven is known for its unique style, the reason why we chose this Pyjama is that you could wear it when you’re cooking something in the kitchen, whilst doing yoga, or before going to bed. Its unique pattern is what sets it apart from other loungewear. It’s not only for women, but men can also wear it at home. It could be paired well with this top. According to the customers who bought it, it fits true to size and is made of 84% RPET and 16% spandex, hence sustainable loungewear.

Shop Wolven!


If you’re one of the stay-at-homes who barely go out, Sunday Morning (SM) would be a perfect choice for you to make up your mind for sustainably made sleepwear and loungewear.

The nightclothes brought to life by SM are very lightweight and, unlike nightwear made by other brands, they don’t hurt your body as they’re way too fit on your body.

Remember, if you’re shopping for loungewear, tight-fitting clothing may turn out to be an ill-fitting one because the purpose of sleepwear is to give you comfort all night long, not hurt your thighs or knees.

That’s what SM brings to the table—perfectly-sized pajamas that not too baggy nor wrong-sized. SM is a 100% female-owned sustainable brand that offers free shipping for people based in the US. And, don’t worry—you could always return or exchange the product you’re not satisfied with, just in case.

SM’s Beliefs about Zero-waste & Ethical Loungewear

It’s no wonder that SM features the most sought-after sustainable loungewear that you can wear before going to bed and enjoy a dreamy night, their bedding picks will have you amazed.

But before you land some picks, let’s get our head around the sustainable practices embraced by Sunday Morning:


Like the rest of the brands vetted above make good use of sustainable fabrics, Sunday Morning (SM) is no exception. SM was founded with an idea to provide people a place where they don’t have to choose between sustainability, tangible offering, transparency, and durability. Yes, SM is the ultimate go-to hub for all sustainably made loungewear you could wear all night and enjoy sleeping. While making a piece of product, they adhere to all environmental responsibilities and human rights.


It’s time for you to pay attention to the fibers used in the loungewear (since this article is only about pajamas). To make buttery-soft, comfortable, breathable, and durable loungewear, SM uses 100% French flax that is considered to be fast-growing, zero waste, and one of the most sustainable fibers found on earth.

If you’re still wondering, there’s more to French flax than just meets the eye—it dries quickly, highly durable, never loses shape, keeps you cool (or warm), and most significantly, it’s sustainable.

The packaging is ecological and ironing has never been this easy. If you want us to recommend you the best loungewear that is soft and silky, jump to our best pick below.

Ethical Practices:

Sunday Morning believes in keeping their workers happy and satisfied with what they do and how they do it. To achieve this, AM follows the social standards required and adheres to the guidelines of human rights. The workforces work in safe working conditions and paid salaries in good time.

SM visits each ethical factory they are running on a regular basis to make sure that laborers are healthy and safe.


Brands who’re not proud of doing what they do will end hiding their manufacturing process, but SM, being an ethical brand, believes in keeping it all transparent to the people.

You’ll find transparency in the pricing. Unlike other outmoded brands, Sunday Morning doesn’t charge you unnecessarily—every single wear is reasonably priced.

Getting to know the composition (the materials the loungewear made using), origin (where it’s imported from), and other sustainability and ethical practices are traceable on the product page.

Best Pick from SM!

Ava Wide Leg Linen Pajama Pants

Why these Pants?

Well, these are made of 100% French flax which means they are sustainably made. Plus, these sustainable pajama pants are available in different colors to help you match the top you’ll be wearing with it. Almost all customers who have purchased them online have said good about them and that’s why most people have rated them 5 out of 5. In addition to being used as sleepwear, you could wear them while walking your dog, or when engaging in any other activity.

Shop Sunday Morning!


We’re glad to have Alternative Apparel on the list. Founded in 1995 by Greg Alterman is an Atlanta-based fashion brand that is now owned by Hanes. You could lay your eyes on the sustainably made ‘New Arrivals’ including all tops, bottoms, and accessories.

AA—Alternative Apparel—always strives to make a positive impact by making eco-friendly and ethical accessories and clothing for people’s peace of mind. They’ve turned out to be a game-changer in the field of slow fashion. From sourcing, harvesting, materials, to manufacturing, everything is done responsibly — with nature, people in mind.

AA’s Sustainable & Ethical Practices

So, what are the AA’s approach to deal with the issue that exists in the fashion industry and yet provide you with the most sustainable loungewear?

Well, let’s see how they do it:


Every single garment they make is made using sustainable materials, including organic fabrics. Not just that, they make good use of recycled material, too. The dyes, when used, are the ones that have a low impact on our mother earth so sustainability can be maintained.

They’ve even joined the fashion revolution movement, and what we liked most about them is that they keep everything out of the dark—there’s transparency. That way, you could see where your clothes are made, who made them, and you can even see the faces behind the awesome work.

Having WRAP-certified factories, they’re able to use the sources in the most sustainable way possible and hence make this plant greener and healthier.


When it comes to materials used, loungewear is made using 100% organic cotton to give you extreme comfort. Every year, they use up to 60K lbs of organic cotton to produce. In addition, more than 1.8M plastic bottles that people throw into the rivers are made use of by them —they draw on post-consumer recycled polyester.

Those recycled plastics are used in their ‘Alternative Eco®’ based fabrics. If you look at the Eco-Fleece sweatpants and Neve Velvet trousers, you will see that they have been made using 100% organic cotton. However, unlike other sustainable brands, AA doesn’t completely depend on cotton. You will see other materials used, but they’re all eco-friendly.

If you’re in love with the jogger pants, you’d wonder to know that they are made using OEKO TEX®-certified fabric and the fibers are completely biodegradable which means they can effortlessly be decomposed. They also make use of TENCEL™ Modal which is taken from the sustainable forests—without having to harm nature. You can know more about TENCEL™ here.


Alternative Apparel believes that the loungewear that you wish to wear all night long to have never-ending chitchats with your friends should not come at the cost of nature or people. To take it even further, they decided to be part of a global movement called ‘Fashion Revolution’ where everything is transparency, ethics, and sustainability is achieved.

To accomplish ethical achievements, every single factory of theirs is in line with the guidelines as laid out by the Fair Labor Association and WRAP, and they want their sellers to do the same so that an intelligent step towards a sustainable world can be taken responsibly.

With the help of “Who made my clothes”, they want people to know by whom the clothes, be it tops or bottoms, are made.

Top Recommendation!

Cotton Modal Interlock Jogger Pants
Cotton Modal Interlock Jogger Pants

Why these Cotton Pajama Pants?

Unlike other loungewear that uses polyester and rayon, these ones are made of organic cotton, TENCEL™ Modal, and Spandax to give your apparel a little bit of elasticity. The cotton modal is an OEKO-TEX® – certified fabric and sourced from sustainable forests, without harming nature. These pants even have slant-side pockets to help you relax your hands when they’re tired. Additionally, these are ethically made and every user who purchased them is fully delighted.

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Does “Reformation” ring any bell? If you can’t figure it out, don’t put a strain on your mind—it’s probably you may have seen it in one of our articles.

Reformation is where your hunt for “noticeably more comfortable things” ends. To have all your slow-fashion needs met in the first place, they’ve got a huge stock of dresses, jeans, sweatshirts, joggers, sweaters, intimates, jumpsuits, pants, shorts, skirts, and that beautiful and comfortable loungewear.

If you’re planning to throw a night party with your friends, you don’t want to do that without the loungewear brought to life by them. They use a meticulous approach to provide you with perfect-fit loungewear so you don’t feel uncomfortable while you’re lying on the bed. Their holistic approach towards nature is one of the best things we came across.

Reformation’s Tactic for Ethics & Sustainability


Wouldn’t it be great if Reformation published their sustainability report every year—a year in review?

Well, you ask, Reformation provides.

They’ve been publishing their sustainability reports for the last four years so people could come to know how they started and where they stand today—i.e. what positive impact they’re making. With their sustainable practices, they’re reducing energy footprints, water waste, and use recycled and plant-based materials.

They’re even running programs where you can recycle your old clothes.


Reformation is committed to producing up to 75% of its products using renewable, plant-based, and recycled fibers. Everything that they produce at their principled factories works along the lines of fiber standards that are defined as A, B, C, D, and E where A being the best and E being the worst standard. If any product is labeled ‘E’, it’s strongly advised that you should NOT go for it.

Speaking of the standards, reformation utilizes GOTS-certified organic linen, TANCEL™ Lyocell, and Modal, organic Hemp, Jute, Ramie, and GRS-certified organic cotton. The fibers that fall in the ‘A’ and ‘B’ categories are the ones that we suggest you go with. Put differently, if the loungewear you’re looking to purchase is made from TANCEL-based material, you’re good to go.

Ethics & Factories:

It’s no wonder that Reformation believes in making clothes with little to no environmental impact, but there’s more—the awesome people who work at their ethical factories also carry out their responsibilities with passion, thanks to the continuing gratitude of the company towards them.

Currently, there is a total of 44 factories where apparel for both men and women is produced ethically and sustainably. Out of the total, 27 are located in LA, 2 in Mexico, 4 in Turkey, 1 in India, 1 in Pakistan, 1 in Vietnam, and 8 factories are situated in China.

The employees working at their facilities never suffer from any kind of prejudice or retaliation when addressing their concerns, they’re empowered and feel comfortable while working in safe working conditions and offered the best-in-the-market wages, right in good time.

All manufacturing partners follow the guidelines or the code of conduct represented by the company, which clearly states that workers’ rights must be safeguarded, there should not be any discrimination, harassment, or abuse among the workers. There must be no signs of child and forced labor, and all employees must be provided a safe, clean, and healthy environment to work.

Top Pick from Reformation!

Taylor Two Piece
Taylor Two Piece

Why this two-piece loungewear?

That’s because you won’t get loungewear that is cozier than this. What’s more, you could select the color you love–black, buff, and heather grey. Available in 5 different sizes, this 2-piece suit brings a relaxed fitting to life–both in the top and bottom. You can wear it all day long and all night without having to stress any of your body parts. This suit has reduced 32.0 lbs. of CO2, saved 971.0 gal. of water, and has been sustainably made in Los Angeles.

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No matter if you’re home or you’re staying at a hotel with someone, your Ettitude’s loungewear will be life-changing. Made with 100% organic bamboo, Ettitude’s PJ pants are going to make your day like never before and once you get in them, you would not want to take them off. Their loungewear reaches people in the same color shown on the website, and there is no tricking people into buying something they are even looking for.

The PJ pants, among other sleepwear, are very soothing and silky, thanks to the organic materials used. If you’re someone who is looking forward to treating skin with extra care, feel warm or cool (depending on the current weather), or need apparel to fall asleep like a baby (with no disturbance, at all), Ettitude’s loungewear is all you need because they bring buttery-soft experience to life.

ETTITUDE’s Sustainability & Ethical Approach


It’s no wonder that Ettitude is the perfect place to shop for luxurious bed and bath products that are slick and shiny and get softer every time you wash them, are they sustainably made?

Their ethos is based on reducing the CO2 impact that our planet earth is suffering from, lessening carbon emissions, and make use of renewable sources so that we could put an end to the waste.

What’s more—there’s no toxic material used in the end-to-end process of source, harvesting, or manufacturing. To reuse the sources in a most sustainable way, they recycle 98% of water. That means in the process of making a bed-sheet set, they save up to 3,031 gallons of water and that is HUGE.

Ettitude says that you don’t have to live a 100% sustainable life, however, you should be mindful of the things you do, items you purchase, etc. For example, you could say ‘No’ to plastic bottles and switch to BPA-free, recycled ones.

If you’re planning to throw a party, use sustainable products, and most importantly, organize that locally, or else you will have to be responsible for the carbon emissions caused due of going from one place to another. And, if you wish to take it even further, you could shop thoughtfully i.e. instead of choosing fast-fashion apparel, you could go with the slow-fashion one, one that is sustainably made.


Coming to the materials, we’re glad to inform you that they use 100% organic bamboo to make those silky, stylish, comfy, PJ pants (loungewear) that you could wear all day and night. Their pajamas have been the favorites of the people during the lockdown since most people have to operation from (work from home).

To take it even further, they’ve made their own signature—CleanBamboothat is super silky-soft, sustainable, and made of lyocell fabric. We’ve already talked about what lyocell fabric is and how important it is to live a sustainable life. So, you could rest assured because Ettitude’s sustainable pajamas are designed with nature and people in mind.

Their bed-sheet sets, duvet cover, and towel sets are made of CleanBamboo™ based charcoal, twill, and waffle respectively. What’s best about them is that their apparel, especially the loungewear (pajamas) are hypoallergenic. That means while wearing their pajamas (PJs), you won’t have to suffer from any kind of itching or allergy.

Using CleanBamboo, they are able to reduce carbon emissions up to 52%. To know more fascinating figures about the sustainable practices they’ve embraced, please go here.


Not only do they believe in reducing the environmental impact that our nature is enduring but also they do it ethically.

Bring a proud member of 1% for the planet, they’ve been giving back. And, according to their statistics, they’ve increased their contribution to 5x. In 2021, they are planning to take their contribution to the next level—by increasing it.

They’ve been giving away or contributing to charities, initiatives, for example, they donated $5,000 to the National Movement (this is for the Black Lives), and another contribution was made of $22,500 that was given to Harlem Grown, a grassroots youth program.

There’s no racism at their ethical factories whatsoever, and they even support “One Girl” proudly to take a step towards eliminating gender inequality. Their impact is huge as compared to that of others. Their report also suggests that they use 500x less water, saving up to 8,189 gallons, which is equal to the amount of water used by 93 Americans used every day.

Top Selection from Ettitude!

Bamboo Lyocell PJ Pants
Bamboo Lyocell PJ Pants

Why these Pajama Pants?

These pants will make you feel like the comfiest person on Earth. Although these are available in 5 different colors, our favorite one is the one with ‘Grey Stripes’. Furthermore, it’s reasonably priced–you won’t have to break the bank to get these. Speaking of the materials, these are made of 100% organic bamboo and provide you chilliness in summer and keep you warm when it’s cold. You could also shop for PJ shorts (if that’s what you’re interested in).

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The End!

We already know that the fast fashion industry is polluting our nature and killing ethics because people—in eco-friendly factories—are not treated the way they are meant to—with value and appreciation. Not just that, they don’t follow any guidelines to minimize the impact of carbon footprint, nor do they use recycled resources.

That’s why sustainable fashion a.k.a. slow fashion is your ticket to living a safe, healthier, and ethical life. By choosing sustainable products (like sustainable pajamas that you’re after) over chemical-based products, you could help save water, resources, and nature.

Therefore, always pay attention to the materials used in the product you purchase online and see whether or not it’s been ethically made. And, since we’ve vetted famous sustainable brands, why not go with the best pick that has been suggested by our team?

If you believe that we missed some ethical and sustainable pajama brand on this list, do let us know so we could add it and provide people with assistance. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to put that down in the comment below.

Thomas Kanze

Thomas Kanze is a passionate environmentalist who works towards helping people make conscious choices when buying products. He wants his children to live in a planet where they can breathe clean air, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

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