We all—especially those who are environmentally-conscious—have been fans of sustainable clothing over the past few years and there’s no stopping it. From normal people, IG influencers to gym lovers, everyone has been acing sustainable athleisure, and the trend won’t stop there.

While it’s a common fact that regular exercise is likely to keep you fit and get going, research has shown that it could also make you feel good, happier, about yourself. If you are someone who wishes to build strong muscles and lose some weight at the same time, breaking a sweat is a great option to consider.

You’ll find hundreds of benefits of working out, however, there’s something else that needs your attention—the clothes you wear during the exercising. Why? That’s because activewear offers extreme comfort while you’re physical training, they don’t become gross after sweat in them, and most importantly, they bring an improved range of motion to life.

Why Sustainable Workout Clothes?

Now that you’re familiar with the prominence of wearing activewear while keeping yourself fit, let’s understand what sustainable activewear is why it matters. Sustainable activewear is the clothing worn during physical training that offers comfort, breathability, range of motion, longevity—all without hurting our environment. Yes, it’s true that sustainable workout clothes are becoming the staple of everyone’s wardrobe in this day and age. The number of brands willing to produce sustainable workout clothes is increasing progressively.

  • Extreme Comfort: Since sustainably made workout clothing is made from organic fabric and doesn’t use materials that consist of harmful chemicals (or no chemicals at all), anyone who wears them feels super comfy and confident. These types of activewear are free from toxic dyes which means they won’t be causing any allergies.
  • Good for the planet: These sustainable workout clothes are made using organic cotton, recycled materials, use non-toxic dyes, and the brands that produce them rely on environmentally-conscious manufacturing. Unlike the fast-fashion industry, the slow one doesn’t use any kind of pesticides, a chemical used to kill insects in the field where plants are planted.
  • Ends racism: If you make up your mind to invest in a pair of sustainably made activewear, you’re directly, or indirectly, supporting the workers who work very hard in the ethical factories of the companies. That means all of the brands that promise to be sustainable are also ethical, meaning they strongly detest the racisms or inequality workers become the victims of.
  • Helps those in need: Going for eco-friendly workout clothing means you’re assisting the company helps the poor make a living. Research says that more than 25,000 people die of hunger every single day and it also includes around 10,000 children. Earth-friendly workout clothes brands run charitable programs where they give away some percentage of the proceeds to people in need.

The reasons don’t just end there—there are other plusses of buying ethical activewear from sustainable brands, and it’s totally worth it.

Best Sustainable Workout Clothes to Ace Exercising

Now, let’s get down to the business—sift through the most sustainable and ethical activewear brands and help you choose the right workout clothes so you could feel and look good while breaking a sweat, and most importantly, help reduce the carbon footprint.

Let’s see what we’ve got at the top:

Organic Basics

Founded in 2014 by Mads Fibiger, Organic Basics—stylized as OB—is an ethical slow-fashion brand that is geared towards reducing the carbon footprint by making eco-friendly activewear and other apparel. Having a closer look at the map they shared on their website, we found out that they’ve been doing this for a long time. It shows that they are currently running 12 factories where they make good use of sustainable fabrics and materials to produce comfy, eco-friendly, long-lasting wear.

Since you’re on the lookout for the stretchable, comfy, and long-lasting sustainable activewear, they’ve got a large selection for you in that area. You can either browse leggings, bras, yoga shorts, hipsters, active tees, muscle tanks, long-sleeves, ankle socks, tennis socks, or a complete sustainable yoga pack. That means you can get your hands on pretty much everything. So, if you’re someone who can’t help but invest in some sustainable athleisure, OB is the right place for you.

As for the size, you can go for XS-S, S-M, M-L, or L-XL based on your size. The best thing we like about them is most of their products have no seams.

OB’s beliefs about Sustainability and Ethics

To turn down the impact of gas emission, mostly caused by the fashion industry after the oil business, they’ve embraced the sustainable approach to handle the situation. Being a pioneering brand, they’ve launched a low-impact website where unisex products can be purchased. Even by using their website, you can reduce the amount of data transferred up to 70%, which is big if you’re concerned about doing something better.


  • Organic cotton: To make the most out of environmental consciousness, GOTS-certified organic cotton is used in apparel, all free from all chemicals. With lifetime durability and biodegradability in mind, every fabric is handpicked so as to optimize the resources to the fullest. The organic cotton they depend on is sourced from the Aegean Sea which is why it’s widely considered to be soft and comfortable.
  • TENCEL Lyocell: We’ve already discussed in our previous articles. Lyocell is a fabric that requires 80% less water as compared to the cultivation of other fabrics. Throughout the process—from thinning out to cutting down—non-toxic solvents are used. It’s considered to be lighter than cotton.

Other than these, OB also takes the best advantage of recycled nylon, recycled wool, SilverTech, Polygiene®, and recycled Cashmere. To achieve seamless knitting, they do it all with a perfect balance of warp and weft.


They’ve also been granting funding to the people in need and they do this twice a year. Their vision is to fight climate change as well as keep vulnerable communities protected. To achieve their aim to make a big impact, they provide donations from their revenue to the grassroots activists and organizations that are fighting biodiversity. See how it works here and who is eligible to take part in it.

On the whole, OB is a great place for you to shop for sustainable workout clothes if you’re serious about keeping our mother earth pollution-free. They are also B-Corp certified and get a rating of 92.8 which clearly is a success as you need 80 points to be a B-Corp certified brand.

Top Pick from OB!

SilverTech™ Active Leggings
SilverTech™ Active Leggings

Why these Leggings?

Well, these use Polygiene® while you’re wearing them, you can stretch more and wash less. A total of 5.33 kg of CO2 prevented, 220 liters of water saved, and 42-gram waste avoided on these leggings.  Most importantly, these are ethically made and offer you a seamless wearing experience. It’s available in all sizes and people have given a good rating.

Shop Organic Basics!


The Pact—who they call themselves ‘Earth’s Favorite Clothing’—isn’t just the place to shop for men and women, they’ve got the sustainable fashion for the whole family. Having said that, you can effortlessly find the best picks for your baby boys, girls or kids, at an affordable price. As far as sustainable workout clothes are considered, it could be worthy of your time and bucks to invest in their undies, bras, leggings, tights, and so forth to get you going.

If you’re looking for workout clothes for women or you’re interested in finding the best picks for men and a bit skeptical about sustainability, you can rest assured—the clothing is made with organic cotton in their ethical—Fair Trade-certified factories.

In addition, to have sustainable activewear of different sizes, there’s something special about them. Yes, it’s sculpting stretch, breathability, next-to-skin softness, and durability.

Pact’s Ethical & Sustainable Practices


Pact has chosen to use organic cotton to save up to 91% water as compared with non-organic cotton. Being a GOTS-certified partner, it follows all the guidelines required by and mention in the textile standards. Since cotton is HUGE just like corn, soybeans, and wheat, it’s to be taken seriously. That’s why they launched their own initiative— “Earth’s Favorite Clothing” to achieve their mission of becoming the No.1 sustainable clothing brand by providing you with quality apparel.


Every single factory run by Pact is Fair Trade certified and child-labor-free. That’s the reason they are able to have conscious consumers. The key to having loyal consumers and advocates is to have transparency, and that’s what Pac is good at—nothing is hidden from the end-user, workers, empowered individuals.

Every worker is paid legally required wages, right on time. The company is also running ethical and equitable supply chains. There’s no indiscrimination among the employees or people working at Pact and they work in safe conditions i.e. without putting their lives in danger.


Unlike other sustainable workout clothing brands that cover clothing for men and women, Pact is there for the whole family. You can find the perfect-fit apparel for you, your husband, or your kids at a single place. The clothing available on the website come in different sizes, such as XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

To take your customization even further, you could look at the ‘Fit’ tab where you will find the type of fit i.e. relaxed fit, slim fit, skinny fit, based on the production you’re shopping. Suppose you’re shopping for sustainable leggings, you could find out if it fits true to size, what its inseam is, front rise, waist size, etc.

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Pact's Pocket Leggings
Pocket Leggings

Why these leggings?

These leggings fit true to size, available in 4 colors — black, navy leather, mallard, charcoal leather, getting a 4.0 rating out of 4 with more than 641 reviews. Not only are these leggings sustainable i.e use 89% Organic Cotton and 11% Elastane but also the cotton used is GOTS certified.

Shop Pact!


Ten Tree is a B-Corp-certified apparel brand that has been making waves in the fashion industry for a long time. They have planted 51,743,007 trees up to now (at the time of writing this article) and the number is growing. If the production you’re shopping for is listed above $50, then you don’t have to pay for the shipping and delivery. Plus, returns and exchanges are also allowed to offer consumers peace of mind. You can browse a wide range of sweatpants and look cool, stylish, and comfy in them. In fact, we strongly believe that you will fall head over heels in love with their sustainable loungewear and sweatshirts.

Ten Tree’s Sustainable and Ethical Approach

Is Ten Tree as good as they promise to be?

Well, let’s find out what sustainable practices come into effect when a piece of cloth is produced at their ethical factories.

Let’s talk about the materials first.


Their sustainable hoodies and activewear are so comfy that once you’ve worn them, you wouldn’t want to take them off. Coming back to the fabrics, they make good use of recycled polyester and elastane. Their leggings are designed in Canada, ethically manufactured in different parts of the world, and can be worn during workouts, yoga, or running. The recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles with an intention to make the most out of waste and give you sustainable activewear.

Ethical Approach:

Being B-Corp certified, they uphold the highest respect for their workers, environment, and communities. While producing quality clothing is important to Tentree, the same values are applied to the transparency. Each worker is treated right the way they’re meant to—equally and with respect. By planing 10 trees for each item purchased by awesome people like you, what they’re trying to say is that living a sustainable life shouldn’t be that hard.

Tentree stands out: They plant 10 trees for every product sold.

What also we liked about them is that they lay out all the details in the product section like how many liters of water have been saved on a single piece of clothing, the overall CO2 and waste have been saved.


During our research, we found out that currently, they are running 23 ethical factories in different countries including Poland, Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Their principled factories hold the compliance from WRAP, BSCI, SA8000, Fair Trade, and FWF. The company has also partnered with many NGOs so that more awareness can be provided among the communities.


Let’s talk about inclusivity.

When it comes to the size, there is a variety of options to choose from, such as XS, S, M, L, and XL. While looking into the fit, don’t forget to check out the size of chest, waist, hip, and sleeve if you’re buying tops and if you wish to get a pair of bottoms, then you may only consider size, waist, and hip.

Tentree has an easy-to-follow guide on how to measure to make sure that the clothing you’re going to buy will fit you perfectly.

But don’t worry—even if you’ve received a larger or smaller product, you can return or exchange it.  

Here is the code of conduct that Tentree follows.

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inMotion 7/8 Pocket Legging
inMotion 7/8 Pocket Legging

Why these Leggings?

These sustainable leggings are affordably priced, available in different sizes to fit you snugly, and get a 5.0 rating out of 5 — as good as they could get. While making these leggings, a total of 1.6-liter water was saved, 0.3 kg CO2 conserved, and 0.02-gram waste preserved. Not just that, it’s been ethically designed in Philippines. 

Shop Tentree!


While most of the eco-friendly brands promise you the most earth-friendly activewear, most of them end up producing plain workout clothes i.e. with no pattern or design and since there’s no other option to choose from, the people who care about our planet earth have to go with the plain clothes. But that’s not something you’ll have to struggle through if we consider ‘Wolven’.

Why wear your leggings only during workouts when you can wear them as pants?

Their — Wolven’s — leggings not only are among the best sustainable fashion picks out there but also they also boast eye-catchy, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind, Noor, Reverie, Moonlight, Aqua, Chakra, Zephyr, to name a few.

WOLVEN’s Promise to Ethical & Sustainable Activewear

Just like the aforesaid brands, Wolven is also geared toward reducing the negative footprint so as to protect our earth from all kinds of harmful chemicals and gases. Their mission is to “Make Sustainable Sexy” and they’re live their mission in the most ecological way.


Let’s shed some light on the materials used at their ethical factories to get our head around what fabrics or textile they are using in the process.

To create beautiful, cozy, and long-lasting sustainable activewear, they rely on recycled P.E.T that is OEKO-Tex certified. To create the most breathable fabric, they make the most out of recycled BPA-free plastic.

Scientists say that if we really want to turn down the catastrophic climate change, we would have to get rid of the carbon footprint, which is exactly what they’re doing by utilizing recycled-PET which produces 79% less carbon footprint.

They’re following two lines of production at their ethical factories—the first one is modal fabric (derived from trees) and another one is recycled PET (uses BPA-free plastic bottles as a source).

But is there any fabric that Wolven uses, which is softer than cotton?

Yes, there’s a fabric known as cellulose fiber which is made from organic sources, beechwood pulp. They’re having in-house tailors who stitch them at their ethical places located in Los Angeles.

Transparency & Ethical:

Wolven offers great transparency and that’s the reason why they’ve won the hearts of the people who care about our planet.

All types of wear, be it activewear or swimwear are made using ethical practices in China and the suppliers they’ve partnered with are WCA certified.

They live up to their moral values and, therefore, offer their workers the right wages on time.

All the employees who make workout clothes for you work in a safe environment — none of them are exposed to chemicals while working.

But, don’t just take our word for it, look at the facility score they’ve aced, it is 87% which is more than good.


What about the coverage?

Have they got a huge variety of most sustainable workout clothes to have the needs of sportspeople or athletes met?

Well, all acrobats out there can rest assured because no matter if your waist is slim or you’ve put on some weight in recent times, their leggings, sustainable active tops are available in different fits or sizes, such as XS (Extra Small), S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large), and XL (Extra Large).

So, there’s no more compromising on the regular, slim, and skinny fit—a dream come true.

Wash & Wear:

Every single biodegradable wear they design for you can be worn more than once, thanks to the anti-microbial feature. That way, you won’t have to wash your activewear again and again.

To take the sustainability even further, they have achieved multifunctionality. Put differently, it’s not just the workout or gym you will get to wear your activewear for, you can flip or reverse them to stylize your fashion just the way you like.

Since you would not have to wash your activewear, again and again, your workout clothes are likely to stay in your wardrobe for long. And, if you keep them there longer, you will become a helping hand towards minimizing the water and carbon waste.

Best Pick from Wolven!

Zephyr Crossover Pocket Legging
Zephyr Crossover Pocket Legging

Why these Leggings?

These leggings make good use of 84% RPET and 16% spandex to offer you both comfort and elasticity so you could wear them during workout and yoga sessions. Unlike other leggings, these ones boast a one-of-a-kind pattern so you could post them to your IG timeline and gain attention. Most importantly, these leggings are ethically made, fit true to size, and can rock all tops.

Shop Wolven!


Threads4Thoughts—which was founded in 2006—is another eco-friendly brand that has been making waves to help us live in a sustainable world together.

It’s no wonder crude oil, water, and solid waste are the red flags—and that’s why the fashion industry is considered dirty among others.

So, how do they stand out?

Well, they use bark trees, meaning there’s no harm caused to the trees whatsoever. That’s the reason their workout clothes are acceptable, ethical, and sustainable.

Since they came into existence, they’ve purchased millions of recycled plastic bottles to play their part in helping the planet survive.

T4T is holding the highest number of certifications, thanks to their ethical factories where comfy leggings, active tops are made.

T4T’s Philosophy about Ethics & Sustainability

Although they are apart based on the practices and beliefs of others, their sustainable workout clothes never fall apart.

What we loved about T4T is that, in addition to having a huge selection of activewear for men and women, you could browse through a sweet selection of wear to gift your kid (whether girl or boy).


Since the fashion industry is cataclysmic, what is T4T doing about it?

To make sure that the practices embraced by them cause no harm to the nature or environment, they use LENZING modal, organic cotton, and recycled plastic.

What’s interesting here is that while harvesting the modal, no tree is harmed because the modal comes from the bark of the trees and it grows back automatically live on and flourish.

All activewear brought to life by T4T is biodegradable and compostable. Not just that, their cotton is organic and gets the certificate from GOTS.

They never use any kind of pesticides, making the soil and overall farming as fresh as possible. So, there’s no more soil degradation.

Even polyester and nylon are recyclable that are created from fishing nets and recycled bottles.


To keep the people informed, they publish transparency reports because hiding things from those who invest in their products won’t be a good thing. However, that’s not the only reason, they want to make sure that people who make T4T apparel are valued for the hard work they achieve.

Whether it is about the factories or the fabric used in the activewear, they believe in sharing the statistics—nothing is hidden.

Take Triblend for example—it’s clearly shown on their website that they make Triblend using 13% rayon, 37% organic cotton, and 50% recycled polyester.


What is the code of conduct that T4T follows?

Let’s first discuss the ethical factories where the real work takes place. Currently, they’re having only 2—one is based in Guatemala C.A. and another is located in China. The former one is where they produce Triblend and the latter one is where the primary products are based on organic cotton, ECONYL®, recycled polyester, and Lenzing Modal.

Now coming to the moral principles, they follow the code of ethics to make sure that their workers receive the appreciation and value they deserve. At their principled factories, there’s no discrimination and forced or child labor at all.

Plus, the working hours are defined and must not exceed 44 hours in a week, which is in accordance with the local law. And, in each period of a week, all the workers are provided at least 24 hours of rest.

So, you can rest assured because all the employees at T4T work in a safe, clean, and hygienic environment, and no body part is exposed to any type of chemical while working.

Most Satisfactory Pick!

Malana Sports Bra
Malana Sports Bra

Why this Bra?

Though this bra couldn’t get a perfect rating i.e. 5, it stil has won the hearts of all the athelets out there, or the people who love spending time doing yoga and other exercises. Apart from being avaialble in 5 sizes, you can choose from a total of 10 colors. Although it’s ethically and sustainably made, if you make up your mind to return it later, you won’t have to pay extra, thanks to the free, hassle-free returns. It’s been made using 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Spandex.

Shop T4T!


Boody is another game-changer in the sustainable fashion industry. If you’re someone who is on the lookout for a legendary collection of sustainable workout clothes, Boody could be worth a shot.

Although they’ve got lounges, bodysuits, tops, underwear, and other apparel for both men and women, speaking of the workout clothes, you could easily lay your eyes on sports bras, full leggings, sports socks, active tanks, shorts, and different types of tops.

Boody’s Sustainability and Ethical Approach

When it comes to living, moving, and lounging in, Boody is a clear winner. If you’re skeptical about a product, you could read reviews that are left by the people who have already purchased that product.

While customizing your order, you could choose your favorite color, select the right size, and increase the quantity.

What’s more, they have detailed descriptions of the fibers, materials used in a specific product being viewed by the customer on the website like product details, materials, and FAQs.

In addition, they’ve even added the links to the Instagram posts of the people who have stylized that particular product, be it a sports bra or leggings. 


Since the day first—when they started—they have been living up to their convictions and they always put the people and nature first, then the product being made. Their workout clothes are either made from 100% bamboo yarn or a combination of organic fibers, namely nylon, spandex, and hemp.

The bamboo they make use of is farmed in China and it’s turned into yarn using ethical practices, which is certified by OCIA/IFOAM and USDA standards. They are many reasons they prefer bamboo to other plants, such as it—the bamboo—is the fastest growing woody plant and it’s considered the largest one as well when compared to other plants of the grass family.

What’s surprising is that by utilizing bamboo, they are turning down the CO2 impact and increasing 35% of the oxygen at the same time. Since it’s bamboo they actually depend on, there’s no need to use any fertilizer or pesticides, and hence no toxic in the air, soil, and your active apparel you will be wearing.


To provide the customer with full satisfaction, there’s transparency maintained by Boody. Put differently, there’s nothing hidden from you. If you’re looking for the answer to the question — how they make use of Bamboo, they’ve laid out all the fascinating facts about bamboo.

It turns out that they are one of those sustainable workout clothes brands that are able to maintain an eco-friendly processing system. The zero-waste manufacturing that they rely on is good for both nature and people. There’s no fabric wasted in the end-to-end manufacturing process.

First, they grow the bamboo without using any kind of fertilizer or intestacies, then the harvesting takes place in the next step. After doing that, they use a solvent to soften it, but don’t worry, every single liquid used is recyclable. In the following stages, dehydration, grinding, and sewing are followed in a systematic manner.

Once it’s all done, you finally get to wear those beautiful, soft, long-lasting sustainable workout clothes.

You could even track the positive impact they make on every single item they produce like total emissions avoided, energy saved, water saved, and land famed with no pesticides and fertilizer.

Work & Ethics:

It’s no wonder that Boody has been making a big impact when it comes to making workout clothes sustainably, there’s more to them than just meets the eye.

Yes, what we are referring to here is “Ethics”. While it’s significant to get your head around the quality of the product you’re shopping for, what you also need to pay close heed to is the labor certifications that the company you’re investing in holds.

Having said that, we researched and found out that Boody is having many certifications from Ecocert, OEKO-TEX, PETA Vegan, SGS, ISO (14001, 9001), and WRAP.

They work in line with the 12 principles of WRAP. In other words, they’re committed to providing a safer environment to all the workers who make great things happen at their ethical factories. That’s why no worker—under any circumstances—is exposed to harmful chemicals.

There’re regulations for the hours of work as laid out in the principles, and in no way can any kind of discrimination happen among the employees or workers.

Top Choice from Boody!

Active Blended High-Waisted Full Leggings with Pocket
Active Leggings with Pocket!

Why these Leggings?

These leggings are thoughtfully designed in Australia and feature two pockets, allowing you to relax your hands after a continuous workout. They’re perfectly stitched so you don’t feel uncomfortable in them. As for the material used, it’s made using 61% bamboo viscose, 27% organic cotton, and 12% spandex, hence sustainability made. The consumers have rated it 4.6 based on the comfort and sizing. Speaking of the positive impact of thes leggings, a total of 2.6 km of driving emission has been saved, 1.3 m2 of land farmed with no pesticides, 272.1 liters of water preserved, and 434 hours of energy saved.

Shop Boody!


Luisaviaroma—founded in 1930 by Luisa Jaquin—is a well-known retailer of the luxury market where you can get your hands on one-of-a-kind, top-of-the-line sustainable clothes to wear during workouts or exercising. This eco-friendly or zero-waste brand is based in Italy and is stocking a huge variety of unisex apparel.

Actually, what the company does is that they also sell the products of other brands, and we’re talking about the top international apparel brands like D&G. So, odds are you’ll never be disappointed while browsing through their large collection of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, lingerie, and other categories included.

They’re even having sustainable workout clothes from the Girlfriend collective. Take a look:

Luisaviaroma’s Philosophy of Sustainability & Ethics

Is Luisaviaroma one of those brands that keep throwing plastic bottles into the rivers?

No, they are not. Instead, they believe in living a life in the most sustainable way thinkable. That’s why they follow ethical trade, use organic materials, and are all for women’s empowerment.


Let’s shed light on the materials used by them to ensure that their practices are not causing damage to our mother earth.

Well, having dug up a bit, we found out that they use organic materials like natural fibers, sustainable synthetic fibers, cotton, etc., in the making of sustainable fashion picks, all while being in line with agriculture standards.

LVR is becoming more and more conscious than it has ever been before. That’s why they have even shifted to FSC-certified packaging. Not just the company, even their designers are aware of the eco-friendliness.

So, whether you’re shopping for lingerie or activewear, you can rest assured because organic fabrics are used in all brands they’ve listed on their website, be it Girlfriend Collective or another brand.

And, you don’t worry, you can filter the products based on eco-friendliness and recycling & upcycling.

However, it’s also true that you may find brands that may not be following sustainable practices. That’s it’s always suggested that you look under the LVRSustainable section.

In addition, there’s also a Vegan segment where you can find all Vegan products, the wear that is made without animal materials like glues and others.


Although it’s true that LVR thinks thrice about nature and things twice before partnering with a new brand, keeping everything in line with the standards, do the workers of brands they partner with work in safe environments?

Apart from providing women with endless opportunities to help them both on a social basis and financially, the brands they have featured on the website take good care of all people working at the ethical factories. Highly competitive wages are paid to them on time and there’s a guideline for the hours of work and rest for every employee/worker.

That’s why brands listed under the “LVRSustainable” page are not just sustainable but also ethical. Plus, LVR is running special projects to support environmental and social projects.


What about inclusivity?

They’re running a separate program for sustainability called “LVRSustainable”, and the good news is that, unlike other brands, LVR has got the most earth-friendly products for all—including men, women, boys, and girls. You can even shop for stylish home décors like candles, pillows, sheets, baskets, bath towels, wool blankets, and others.

As far as the pricing matters, it ranges from £9 to £17095, however, you can adjust that right as per your personal preference. Just drag the toggle to either left or all the way to the left. There are also discount offers of up to 30% to 50% on the selected products.

As for the size, it varies depending on the product you’re hunting. So, no matter if it is XS, S, M, L, or XL, you’ll just find the perfect match to stylize your body or so you could move your body just the way you like.

Top Choice from LVR!

High-Rise 7/8 Compression Leggings
Girlfriend Collective’s High-Rise Leggings

Why these Leggings?

We’ve already discussed that LVR is a retailer, which is why it sells products from other brands. We picked these high-rise leggings from Girlfriend Collective because they are eco-friendly, recyclable, and fit snugly. Just like the one reviewed above, these ones also feature two pockets to relax your hands or give a next-level pose in a photoshoot. These leggings are available in 4 sizes and 3 colors.

Shop LVRSustainable!


Positive Impact, which has partnered with WWF, Solar Portraits, Beyond Bordering, Riders for Refugees, and Summit Foundation, is one more brand that has acquired its place on this list of most sustainable workout clothes brands.

PO’s Approach to Sustainable & Ethical Activewear

They’ve been making a big, positive impact in the sustainable fashion industry (a.k.a. slow fashion) by means of organic materials, ethical practices, and others, hence the name—positive impact.


To make good-looking, stylish, sustainable, and affordable workout clothes, PO uses up to 92% organic materials, such as cotton. That way, they are decreasing the impact of carbon footprint up to 46%. On top of it, they’re a GOTS– and B-certified brand, meaning you’re good to go (if you want to shop for a pair of durable leggings).

Furthermore, 69% of the polyester used comes from the recycled bottles which helps reduce carbon emission up to 40%. The fabric is Bluesign approved and the brand works in keeping with Global Recycled Standard. They’re committed to creating new, innovative, eco-friendly fibers with an intention to get rid of petroleum-based materials.


Speaking of the moral principles, all employees are geared towards reducing the impact that unsustainability has over us and nature. There are currently 56 employees (30 women & 26 men) working in two buildings they have in France.

All employees are treated equally and provided with values.

The employees can also take participate in social activities or environmental projects to become a helping hand in putting down the negative impact that fast fashion has imposed on us.

The sustainability encompassed by them is not just limited to manufacturing, even their buildings are eco-friendly, thanks to the solar panels that help produce 40% of the power they need.


Giving an example of a well-known tragedy i.e. Rana Plaza that took place in Bangladesh, they’ve stated how disastrous the fast-fashion could be if we don’t do something about it.

The brands that are involved in fast-fashion practices end up lying because they can’t show the eco-unfriendly materials they’ve used. But we’re glad to let you know that PO is not like those brands. In fact, PO clearly showcases the details of Fair Wear Foundation, materials used, suppliers, the people who made your clothes, and the place where they are made.

It’s up to the workers to choose the employment based on what they prefer. They could quit anytime they feel like doing so.

To them, community service and participating in social programs is as important as producing a sustainable product.

Best Pick from PI!

Positive Impact's NINAS WOOL
Picture Organic’s NINAS WOOL

Why these Leggings?

These leggings have been designed with nature and people in mind with a blend of ACRYLIQUE, WOOl, ELASTANE, and POLYAMIDE, hence sustainability and ethics. Don’t worry, the wool is a NON-MULESED one. This activewear is going to make you feel and look good during workouts, and it fits true to size.

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Are you in quest of next-level sustainable workout clothes that you can wear during exercising and swimming?

Meet Ruby Moon, a UK-based sustainable activewear brand empowering women (also powered by women)—your ticket to unlimited fun because their activewear can be worn during breaking a sweat or while swimming. It’s a go-to shop for all women by women.

RM’s Attitude for Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

So, how does Ruby Moon fit in the picture when it comes to keeping our planet as greener as possible?

Well, if you look at the stats, you’ll realize how big their impact is. From reducing material footprint, distribution footprint, to eco cost, they’re doing all the good work by putting extra effort, courtesy of awesome people working at their ethical factories.


They are environmentally conscious and, therefore, use 100% recycled nylon which they make using the fishing nets in Europe. It’s not just the activewear or other workout clothes or swimwear, they make good use of biodegradable bags that are 100% recyclable.


For every swimwear they produce, 42% fewer emissions are created. If we had to sum it all up, then an average UK high street footprint would be 1,231 which is way bigger than 720.57 produced by Ruby Moon (RM). We know that it’s not all the way down to zero, however, RM is doing a good job and they are trying to reduce it as much as possible.

Moral Values:

In addition to empowering one woman for each purchase they make, they also live up to their moral principles. You’d be goggle-eyed to know that Rube Moon gives 100% of their net profits to women businesspersons as microcredits and they do this across 14 developing countries. They also share the stories of beautiful, impactful, and inspiring people so that they could tell the world that there’s still hope.

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Blue Sports Bra Leilani

Why this Bra?

If you’re on the lookout for PETA-approved Vegan workout clothes, look no further–this Oeko-Tex certified bra is all you need. What great about this bra is that you can either wear it while swimming or breaking a sweat, the choice is all yours. In the making of this bra, 42% less carbon emission emitted. As far as ethics are concerned, this has been made with people in mind using recycled bottles in UK and Spain.

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Last but certainly not the least is Beckons. It was founded by Becky Prater in 2006. They’ve got a huge collection of women’s apparel, including bras, dresses, T-shirts, jeans, leggings, skirts, capris, long sleeves, and several other tops and bottoms. We can say that there’s nothing you’ll miss out on if you’re after slow-fashion trends or your go-to fashion staples.

Behind the creation of Beckon, it was Becky’s idea to create garments that people can’t get their eyes off, the clothing they’d be mad about. She wanted to do that by using colors, international words, and organic fibers. And guess what! — She nailed it. Now, the brand is making waves in the sustainable fashion industry and the people who care for the planet are loving all the apparel.

Beckon’s beliefs about Sustainability

While she, Becky, wanted to do this so people could enjoy wearing a good piece of clothes, there were other aspects she kept in mind, such as she wanted to make clothing that fits people comfortably snugly so they don’t have to adjust it over and over again. While she was thinking all such stuff, she had ‘Yoga’ in mind.


It’s no news that traditional fabric is a red flag when it comes to saving our planet from environmental impact. Therefore, the only option we’re left with is organic material.

Since Beckon is committed to cutting down the carbon footprint, it is proud to use organic fabrics and indorse organic farming. Every single wear you’ll come across on their website is probably made using organic USDA- and OTA-certified cotton.


Being a unisex brand, you can effortlessly get your hands on new arrivals, tops, bottoms, etc., for both men and women. To get a pair of perfect-fit leggings or other workout clothes, you can go with either XS, S, M, L, or XL size options.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the inseam size to make sure the clothing will fit you snugly. What’s more, add the color you’re most crazy about, be it blue, black, white, gray, red, or teal.


To make those stunning, hard-wearing, and eco-friendly activewear for you, the company grows cotton in more than 22 countries so that not only can they produce top-notch apparel but also rural community health could be promoted as a result.

Speaking of sourcing, the cotton is obtained from China, Turkey, India, and Texas (US). All the fields where they have cotton grown are certified with SKAL international. Later, the cotton (based on the process it goes through) is certified by IMO and USDA standards.

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Strength Yoga Tank Camisole
Strength Yoga Tank Camisole

Why these Tanks?

Apart from the fact that it’s available in 7 different colors, this tank is so soothing and calming that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it while doing yoga or exercise. It has been designed with organic cotton so that sustainability can be maintained and unlike other sustainable workout clothes reviewed above, this tank is reasonably priced. So, if you’re short on money, you could go with this one.

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Summing Up!

There’s no arguing that regular exercise is now considered a weapon. You can feel fresh, beautiful, and your skill will shine like a star if you spend some time exercising. While it’s great to build those muscles and have six-pack abs, you must also feel good while breaking a sweat. That’s why it’s also important what you’re wearing when you work out.

Yes, what we’re referring to here is the workout clothes.

Not just any typical activewear, but sustainable workout clothes that not only look good on you but also help turn down the gas emission that our mother earth is facing the disaster of.

With the increased use of the Internet, it’s really become a piece of cake to order a product online, but you must be aware of the consequences that the product will impose.

Since we’ve also laid out top sustainable activewear brands that eco-friendly (zero-waste), ethical, and offer transparency, you should think about them before making a purchase.

Making our planet earth as green as possible is merely imaginable if we do it all together.

Thomas Kanze

Thomas Kanze is a passionate environmentalist who works towards helping people make conscious choices when buying products. He wants his children to live in a planet where they can breathe clean air, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

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