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While most people prefer buying secondhand clothes for different reasons like used clothing could help them save money, increase garments’ longevity, promotes sustainability, and most prominently, it’s super easy to shop hand-me-down clothes, most people choose to go with the brand-new picks when it comes to underclothing, and therefore, these hand-down outfits may not be everyone’s cup of tea in that area.

But why?

Well, people prefer buying new intimate apparel over vintage ones due to sanitary reasons—to ensure healthfulness is maintained.

Guess what—they’re right about it because buying overclothes or outdoor garments sounds pretty hygienic as there are fewer chances to get allergic reactions from the clothing. Therefore, the rule of thumb says that you should avoid used lingerie in most cases just like you would shrink from using secondhand towels.

Guidepost: don’t buy used intimate apparel—no ifs and buts about it.

Things to Look for in Intimate Apparel

What are the points one needs to keep in mind while shopping for Intimate Apparel?

Well, there are many must-haves you can bear in mind while purchasing underclothes (underwear)—either online or from the market. We’ve broken down these essentials into the following:


First things first—always choose lingerie that has been made using natural fabrics (materials). There are many advantages to using this approach. If you consider lingerie made using natural fabrics, not only will you take a step towards making the earth greener but also the underwear won’t cause any allergic reaction to your body?

Go with the lingerie that has been made using organic materials, but if you see a tiny bit of synthetic material used, it is okay because it helps in maintaining longevity and is also offers extreme comfort when it comes to having the freedom of movement. Yes, a little bit of elasticity in the underwear becomes a must if you wish to run, bounce (jump), jog, or stretch your body or legs however you live without having a pain in the neck—without putting stress on your groins.

Work & Ethics

In spite of being an important point, people fail to pay attention to the ethical practices that a lingerie brand has embraced. That’s because most people only consider the environmental impact affected by the materials used in the product.

Apart from making sure that the lingerie you’re about to invest in is made using sustainable fabrics, there are other things to consider as well. Take a close look at the labor practices that the company is following.

If the brand you’re purchasing from is Fair Trade certified, you’re good to go. That is one way to ensure that all workers are paid the right wages on time and don’t face any kind of discrimination in the workplace.

Comfort & Fit

Obviously, how can we miss out on this point? In fact, most people prefer buying lingerie due to the extreme comfort and peace of mind. However, this one completely depends on the materials as we’ve discussed above. You could only look confident in those beautiful, cozy, and sustainable underwear if they look good on you—i.e. they fit you snugly.

Therefore, always look out for the “Size Chart” available on the product page and make sure that what you’re buying is the perfect fit based on your body type. If you’re still not sure about the fit and would like to go on with the checkout to try out yourself, pay attention to the “Return & Exchange” policies as published by the brand. That way, even if you buy something that doesn’t fit you, you’ll be able to return it.


Apart from what we’ve laid out above, you’ll come across other crucial points why you should consider sustainably made lingerie. Read on to figure them out.

Sustainable Lingerie to Try this Weekend

All of the lingerie that we’ve vetted in this article has been made both sustainably and ethically. On top of it, we’ve put your comfort first since one can only feel confident if one is super comfortable wearing the clothes inside and outside.

If you’re curious to know how we determined these sustainable underwear picks, the answer is that pretty simple.

We took many things into consideration like sizing i.e. whether it is a perfect fit or not, if your lingerie is made with biodegradable materials or not, and also how it has been made—the manufacturing process followed at the ethical factories.

But that’s not the end of the list, there are other major considerations you’d meet as you browse through reach undergarment.

So, without wasting time, let’s get into it:


This brand always manages to stay on the top of the list.

Founded in 2014, OB has always been careful about choosing the materials to make those sustainably sexy outfits for both women and men, and their lingerie is no exception.

So, what’s their #1 rule of making lingerie?

They believe in making simple and well-designed apparel using the most organic options available so that not only the produced clothing could last longer but also it could offer peace of mind when it comes to looking and feeling good in those outfits.

Every single product is ethically made—no worker at their factories has to work in the harsh environment.

OB’s Sustainability & Ethical Practices

It’s time to shed light on the practices that OB has put into effect.

First things first—what we liked most about Organic Basics is that they’re transparent and, therefore, they openly admit that fashion is dirty.


Plastic is not fantastic. That’s why to make those elegant and eco-friendly bras and undies, they depend on Organic Cotton, TENCEL, SilverTech, and other sustainable fabrics.

If you’re after lingerie that has been made using eco-friendly fabrics and prevents CO2, chemical usage, and helps in putting an end to waster and resource waste, you could grab OB’s underwear made using GOTS-certified organic cotton (see our top pick).

Take a glimpse at the impact they have made so far.

Work & Ethics:

Besides the fact that there are no nasty chemicals, OB’s lingerie is fairly made in different parts of Europe. Workers who put their best in the manufacturing process are paid the right living wages, among other perquisites.

On different websites, you could easily find out that Organic Basics is rated “Good” in terms of being a sustainable and ethical clothing brand. In addition to recycling fabrics, water, and other resources, they also make use of renewable energy so that overall climate impact can be reduced.


To fight climate change and protect vulnerable communities, OB has launched their own fund initiative where thousands of grassroots activists and environmentalists are supported towards a vision to make this planet a better place for all of us.

Some of the projects they’ve supported are Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, Amazon Watch, Green Kayak, and Rewilding Europe.

There’s a step-by-step process that comes into effect when it comes to granting funding which they do two times a year.

If you’re running a non-profit organization or initiative or taking strong actions against social injustice or planet crisis, we’re glad to let you know that you could be part of this wonderful opportunity. But since there’s a systematic approach to this, you’ll need to send them an application.

The application round usually closes in October and selected participants are rewarded with the donation two months later — in December.

Our Top Pick!

Organic Cotton Basic Bra Organic Cotton Basic BraImage Courtesy: Organic BasicsShop Now!

Why this Bra?

That’s because it has been made using GOTS-certified 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane and it’s been ethically made at one OB’s factories in Turkey. While making this bra, 0.3 kg CO2 has been prevented, 165 g chemicals avoided, and 12 g waste foreclosed. 

Shop OB!


Made Trade has been making waves in the world of sustainable fashion. Being a 1% for the planet makes them even sexier. They like to be called “ethically elevated” for they always look forward to doing things with higher ethical standards in mind.

Their products are Vegan, Women-Owned, Sustainable, People of Color Owned, Made in the USA, Heritage, and produced in file with the Fair Trade guidelines i.e. manufactured fairly.

MT believes that nothing is worse than keeping people in the dark or tricking people into buying something which they were never after or making them purchase something that’s not good for their skin or environment.

You may not know this but Made Trade is a women-owned company, meaning women empowerment is their thing.

MT’s Sustainability & Ethical Practices

Before MT existed, its owners—Cayley Pater and Andy Ives—wanted to fix those issues that lie in the fashion industry.

They also preferred sustainably and ethically made products for their wardrobes and home to those that use toxic and harmful materials. Although they tried to keep it maintain a balance embracing a sustainable lifestyle, they could be much satisfied with the products.

That’s what led to the existence of Made Trade in 2018 and the brand has been making waves ever since.


All of the materials that MT uses in their products are responsibly sourced and then used in their ethical factories to finally be shaped into gorgeous and comfy clothing.

They’ve got a huge collection of underwear (such as panties and bras) that have been made using GOTS-certified organic cotton. You may see a little bit of Elastane because it allows the lingerie to provide a little bit of stretch so that you don’t have to suffer from groin pain and rashes.

Every single lingerie made responsibly by the sits perfectly on hip. The organic fabric also gives brings breathability to the table, and most importantly, you could wear them for days.

Work & Ethics:

Being an FT-certified brand, they provide safe working conditions to all the workers and artisans. Every single craftsman or employee is paid the most competitive living wage, and their safety and health are prioritized.

So, yes — you can count on them.


Made Trade believes in keeping everything transparent with the people, including workers and people who love to spend their bucks on their products every once in a while.

You could effortlessly get to where they’ve sourced a specific material, which it was made, what’s the ratio of fabrics used in it, people who made it, etc.

They clearly state where they make the clothing (also in the case of lingerie) i.e. whether it’s been designed in the USA or some other places, but wherever they produce underwear, they always take full responsibility to ensure the safety of the workers and the end-user who’ll be wearing the intimates.


Organic High-Rise Brief - Cloud Nine Organic High-Rise Brief – Cloud NineImage Courtesy: Made TradeShop Now!

Why this brief?

As the name suggests, this brief will make you float on cloud nine (seven), for sure. It has been made with 95% GOTS-certified Organic Cotton along with a tiny amount of 5% Elastane for stretch. And, guess what — it is available in all sizes.

Shop MT!


If you’re trying to get your hands on anti-bacterial, sustainable lingerie, look no further—WAMA is your dream come true.

From bikini panties to various types of underwear, they’ve them all covered for you. Now, you could shop sustainably for a variety of underwear: bikinis, thong, triangles, hipster, high-waisted, boy shorts, and more.

Our favorite ones are hemp hipsters.

WAMA’s Sustainability & Ethical Practices

Is Wama worth your attention or they’re just one of those so-called sustainable brands out there?

We dug deep to find the truth and here’s what we came across:


Let’s talk about the fabrics first.

Wama uses anti-bacterial materials in every single product they make at their well-principled factories. That’s the reason they ended up using OEKO-TEX-certifiedHemp” and we’ve already talked about the properties of hemp in our fabrics guide article.

While hemp doesn’t require less amount of water as compared to conventional cotton, it naturally kills all the fungus or molds, thanks to the anti-bacterial properties.

Speaking of longevity, Hemp is known as one of the long-lasting fabrics out there. Therefore, their lingerie that is made using Hemp is highly likely to last longer, and guess what—with every wash, it gets softer.

Not just that, there are other benefits of buying lingerie that has made with hemp, such as it won’t make you suffer from the odor no matter how long you wear it.

Work & Ethics:

Although every pair of underwear made by Wama matters a lot, people are always put first.

Since China is the wide-reaching leader in hemp, that’s where they manufacture all clothing and accessories. They believe in providing opportunities to the people who make the most out of given resources in the workplace. All employees are paid fair wages and provided safe working conditions.

No worker has to go through any chemical process that is harmful to them. In fact, they don’t use any kind of harmful chemical in their underclothes. Wama is a Peta-approved and Green America-certified brand that is geared towards reducing the carbon effect.

Not just that, they are also a proud member of the National Hemp Association and involved in BSCI with an aim to help social compliance and promote good and safe working conditions.


So far, they have saved 2,777,618 days of drinking water and preserved 2,917,666 hours of LED bulb energy which clearly shows that their impact is influential.

Most consumers are satisfied with the products delivered by them.

Being made from hemp, their intimate apparel is so lightweight that you won’t even remember you’re wearing it.

Best Pick!

Hipster Panties Hipster PantiesImage Courtesy: WamaShop Now!

Why these Panties?

These panties are a perfect combination of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex. While making these ones, 101.2 days of drinking water saved and 106.3 hours of LED bulb energy preserved. These will provide protection to your private parts, naturally.

Shop Wama!


Pact never ceases to amaze us—its sustainably and ethically made clothing is one-of-a-kind, and the lingerie is no exception.

It is a B-Corp certified brand which clearly indicates that there’s a set of rules that the company adheres to when it comes to carrying out all the responsibilities of the supply chain.

Pact never uses any kind of fertilizers as they believe in making use of organic fabrics to make sustainably sexy lingerie a.k.a. suggestive intimate apparel.

Everything that they do—or make—starts with their own fabric: Earth’s Favorite. Since they depend on most sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton, it helps them save a huge amount of water.

PACT’s Beliefs about Sustainability & Ethics

Pact has been making smart decisions ever since the existence, such as they’ve been embracing various sustainable practices to offset the carbon footprint.

They always suggest people to #dotherightthing.

Other than offsetting CO2, they’re also running programs like “Give Back Box” where people are asked to give away their old clothes as donations to inspiring not-for-profits. Once that happens, they also make the best use of recycling by reusing the boxes.


As discussed above, Pact relies on organic cotton for the fact that it is huge—as enormous as wheat and corn.

It’s definitely a dream come true for those people who always look for lingerie made with pure cotton—and not the chemical-based fabric.

By using GOTS-certified cotton, they’re able to save up to 91% water since organic cotton takes way less water than conventional cotton does. Just like their products, their packaging is also thoughtful; envelopes that are used to deliver the products are made 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard. Those bags are made with biodegradable plastics.

Speaking of the lingerie, and not the other products, you’ll find more than 90% organic cotton in the intimate apparel easily along with around 5% elastane and we’ve already talked about why a tiny bit of elastane is required in clothing.

Work & Ethics:

Besides the fact that Pact is an example of true intimacy, they’re not just limited to their sustainable practices. Put differently, they are also serious about their ethics.

Being a Fair Trade-certified brand, Pact ensures that all of the industrious workers are offered safe working conditions. There are guidelines for working hours and maternity leaves for the employees employed there. They have zero tolerance for discrimination—be it about sex, race, color, religion, and child or forced labor.

Best Pick!

Clearance Cheeky Hipster Clearance Cheeky HipsterImage by Pact!Shop Now!

Why this Hipster?

Apart from the fact that these panties are made from 95% Organic Cotton and 5% Elastane, they have been ethically made at Pact’s ethical factories that work in line with Fair Trade guidelines.

Shop Pact!

5. Boody

Boody’s lingerie houses your bootiful booty, and there’s no doubting it.

They had our heart at first sight when their loungewear got featured in our sustainable loungewear—they cast a spell on us.

What makes Boody stand out is that they’ve completely gone wood-based; they make great use of using bamboo viscose as a sustainable material and then produce that breathable and soft lingerie so you could put them proudly and comfortably.

They’ve got a vast collection of men’s and women’s clothing, including loungewear, underwear, pants, socks, leggings, and other day-to-day accessories.

Boody’s Approach to Sustainability & Ethics

Given the fashion industry is dirty, what is Boody’s philosophy of dealing with the issue?

Boody says “Comfort is nothing without peace of mind”, which clearly indicates that strive to offer people clothing that has been sustainably made. That’s because eco-friendly lingerie is good for both the planet and the people living on it.


There’s a reason why Boody is now loved all over the world. And, we think it’s not just one reason, there are many. Boody calls the following their four pillars (3rd is what this segment is all about):

  • Sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Quality
  • Giving back

The quality comes from the material or fabric used in the lingerie—which is bamboo-based fabric.

Yes, it is true that they also use some percentage of spandex it gives your body freedom of movement, more than 80% of fabric used in underwear is the fabric made using bamboo.

Since Boody holds the certification from OEKO-TEX®, you can shop confidently — the textiles have been tested.

If you want to know more about the label, please go here.

Work & Ethics:

Every single item produced by Boody makes a positive impact on our planet, such as saving water, avoiding carbon footprint, preserving loads of energy, farming lands without pesticides, etc.

However, there’s more…

Yes, Boody is also geared towards putting ethical practices into effect so that people working hard at the moral factories could be valued.

In addition to being certified from ECOCERT, PETA, SGS, and ISO 14001 & 9001, Boody also holds a certificate from WRAP, meaning that they work keeping all 12 principles of WRAP in mind.

Put differently, Boody tolerates zero discrimination against child or forced labor and provides safe working conditions to all workers. Plus, working hours have been defined for the employees.

Top Pick!

Racerback Sports Bra Racerback Sports BraImage by Boody!Shop Now!

Why this bra?

This bra has been made with bamboo-based fabric and we’ve already talked about the positive impact this fabric has when it comes to sustainability. Speaking of the fabric, it has been made using 80% rayon made from bamboo and 20% spandex.

Shop Now!


Knickey got the inspiration for their brand name from the word “Knickers” which is also known as underpants or undershorts.

Their lingerie is gentle, breathable, and article of clothing—the ultimate wearable for women. Their underwear evaporates moisture in just a matter of time, so there is no way bacteria can get near your body or the undies you’re wearing.

If old panties of yours have been giving nightmares due to discomfort and chafing, Knickey’s lingerie will keep you satisfied to the fullest as they are super soft on the skin and you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them.

All the undies using non-toxic materials and are free from chemicals that cause an allergic reaction to the body.

Most of the people who purchased bikinis or undies from them are from the USA and have fallen head over heels in love with them as the lingerie fits true to size and offers dreamy comfort.

KNICKEY’s Sustainability & Ethical Practices


It’s no wonder that they’ve got a huge collection of low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise lingerie, the fabric is where everything gets exciting.

Knickey uses a combination of organic cotton and elastane (for a little bit of elasticity), and if you’re concerned about whether the cotton is really organic or not, you can rest assured because it is a GOTS-certified one.

The fibers are breathable which means there will be no allergic reactions to your private parts while wearing the lingerie. Plus, the underwear is so soft and lightweight that you won’t feel that you’ve actually put them on.

Work & Ethics:

Apart from being GOTS- and Oeko-Tex-certified brand, Knickey is also approved by Fair Trade.

That depicts they’re following the highest standard required in the slow-fashion industry to make a positive impact.

They’re transparent with their customers and workers about what they do and how they do it—you could get to know everything there is about their supply chain.

For all the workers, there are reasonably working hours, living wages, safe working conditions, and much more.

Our Best Pick! Low-Rise BikiniImage by Knickey!Shop Now!

Why this underwear?

Just like most of the lingerie shown above, this one has also been made using 95% GOTS-certified Organic Cotton and 5% Elastane. Plus, it is breathable and super soft, and so lightweight that you won’t even feel you’re wearing it.

Shop Knickey!

The End!

So, there you have it—top 5 sustainable lingerie that will fit comfortable and snugly anyone. Hope this article has helped you pick the right underwear and made your day and night.

If you’re still curious to get your hands on other sustainable products, we’d like your attention towards these:

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to reach out to us through the comments, we’d love to have you speak your mind.

See you in the next one!

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